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Creative Design & Quality Construction

We are the fourth generation.
Our creations are an expression of an authentic passion for the processing of that material that is ecologically unique and crystal.
Today we are able to create products and increasingly complex works taking advantage of the highest quality materials : diamond crystals , tempered , glazed , armored or functional, special steel , fine wood , pvc in all varieties
So we can personalize each product to the needs of our customers.



High modern designer internal and external doors with up to date accesories



Full range of designer light weight glassed partitoning walls



Since 1886 we are the leader in the production of furniture in curved glass

Brunelliarte was founded in 1886 by the genius of its founder Giuseppe Brunelli . It soon became a leader in the techniques of bending glass with precision and quality unimaginable for its time . In prino twentieth century , his son Fernando following his father's footsteps managing to achieve considerable acclaim and success at national , produces prestigious works such as the renovation of the dome of the Galleria Umberto I of Naples , both in 1948 and in 1979 became the official supplier of the Navy Italian military , providing crystals for the realization of most of the headlights and for the US Navy ( US Navy ) producing domes mink radar . In the 70's the son of Fernando , Aldo with his talent and his in-depth technical knowledge , combines the ancient techniques of production with the design , creating the new line of furniture.

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